Spring is Bustin Out All Over!

This Spring has been early for us, with such a mild winter, the early planting went much better than anticipated.  Cherry tomatoes…

March 2013 010

And the Nasturtium is really taking offMarch 2013 027

And then there’s the catnip:

March 2013 026

I finally got around to a project I’ve been wanting to do.

Here’s the before of our south wall of the master bedroom:March 2013 064

And here’s the after:

March 2013 065

The cats seem to really like it:March 2013 070

The back yard is really coming together nicely and here is the view from the magic window:

March 2013 072

We also did our yearly outing to take pictures in the bluebonnets:

March 2013 047

I adore the flowers in the hill country

March 2013 052


Conversations in ASL about Cars

I was taking my hobbit to buy some shoes when we saw a car with a bumper sticker: Tax the rich! –I said: “It’s a Prius. SURPRISE!” (which is a fun sign, btw) and that the Prius was like the liberal version of a Mustang. To which my husband said “But I like Mustangs. I don’t like a Prius, they are so wussy. I think Prius means “I have a little penis.””

Can you sign ‘I have a little penis’ too?