I Am Borg – guest post by my Hobbit/Sam Campbell III

Sometimes being part Cyborg is worth it. Noelle asked me to put on my cochlear implant so that she could tell me (ie: complain) about her day at work. So she was telling me (ie: complaining) about her day at work when, suddenly, her voice changed mid-sentence like this:

“…and they hired this guy to do the database and — OHMIGOD it’s a HUMMINGBIRD!”

But reading it doesn’t really do it justice. The change in her voice from “my day kind of sucked” to “OHMIGOD a hummingbird! The world is WONDERFUL” just cannot be captured in text.

When I wear my CI, I am not really hearing, but I’m not really deaf either.

I am Borg. I have been assimilated.