Mad Blind Man Skillz

So… The Chinese try to suppress a blind man and get embarrassed when he escapes.  Why did they do this?  Did they not see any of the episodes of Kung Fu where a full band of ninja’s can’t beat a single blind man?  Have they not read a single Daredevil comic?  And what about Star Trek: the Next Generation?  Don’t they know the mad engineering skills of the blind?

I have seen the mad skills of the blind for myself.  My husband was talked into a game of horseshoes just a few weeks ago.  His first shot was a ringer.  He played the sighted man to a draw.  Those are mad blind man skilz.

There are many more skills, of course: the ability to find a way to break just about anything AND they can find almost anything… usually things they don’t really want to find, and almost always with their (bare) feet.

Can you imagine the power of a unit entirely composed of blind men.  They don’t need daggers or guns, just a cane.  I don’t know why the military has never harnessed the power of the blind into an entire unit of such destruction and elite power of empathy that even the hardened veterans of the Navy Seals would have to tremble–or at least stand back from the swinging blind cane while trying to decide what is to be done.

Blind men have powarz and skilz that should not be misunderestimated.