Houston, We have Liftoff!

Sam got his new CI all put together, programmed and processed!


I wanted to make sure he didn’t think this was going to solve all communication problems, so I told him very seriously:  “We’re always gonna have communication problems because… you’re a man.”

It never hurts to be honest about important things like this 😉

I Am Borg – guest post by my Hobbit/Sam Campbell III

Sometimes being part Cyborg is worth it. Noelle asked me to put on my cochlear implant so that she could tell me (ie: complain) about her day at work. So she was telling me (ie: complaining) about her day at work when, suddenly, her voice changed mid-sentence like this:

“…and they hired this guy to do the database and — OHMIGOD it’s a HUMMINGBIRD!”

But reading it doesn’t really do it justice. The change in her voice from “my day kind of sucked” to “OHMIGOD a hummingbird! The world is WONDERFUL” just cannot be captured in text.

When I wear my CI, I am not really hearing, but I’m not really deaf either.

I am Borg. I have been assimilated.

When You Can Turn Your Ears Off

I came across this vlog on http://www.theblaze.com and I think it has some really great information for people trying to decide if they should get a CI or not.  (Along with a friend of mine’s blog at: http://deafadventures.wordpress.com/).

Sammie Hicks Cries After Hearing Herself For the First Time

Day 1:

Day 1 of the CI

Three Weeks:

Three Weeks after the CI turned on


It is a controversial subject in the Deaf Community, due more to political correctness than anything else.  Keeping in mind practical reasons, and not political ones (just think how quick politics changes, like fads).  The question you need to ask is: will your deaf child function better in a hearing world a CI?  Or look at it from another perspective:  If your child were born without a limb, wouldn’t you get them a prosthetic if you could?  If they were blind and there were an operation to get them vision, wouldn’t you try to do that?  Yes.  But it’s still a weighty decision, expensive and a very long process with results that vary from person to person.  Get as much information as you can.  And remember, deaf people with CI’s are REALLY LOUD without them :D.