What Is Missing

This week my husband told me that he feared it wouldn’t be long before he lost all ability to see. He was having problems seeing text. At about size 40 point. I sometimes will try to share a funny lolcat or cartoon that he simply cannot see well enough to perceive the humor. Soon he won’t be able to see me enough to comment on my hair or lipstick. All I will have in my sensory arsenal is my perfume. Gravity and age ( and inability to afford plastic surgery or personal trainers) are already starting to take a toll on my body shape.

Today at church there was a musical presentation of “Jesu, Joy of Mans Desire” and it was beautiful. I have to enjoy it alone, apart from my husband. Sometimes it is bittersweet. I can always describe it to him and use all my finest writers skills.

It is a challenge I have never looked forward to–trying to find ways outside of sight and sound to express beauty to my husband. It is already such a hard thing to try and stay connected and overcome the normal challenges of men and women without having to deal with communication issues far beyond what most people can relate to or comprehend.

It is about to get more complicated.

I am not asking for sympathy. I have had four years to try and mentally prepare for this while my husband has had a lifetime. Empathy would be great. If someone had a similar experience and could help me prepare and deal with what is to come that would be great. But it is such a rare circumstance that I do not have much hope of empathy.

In absence of empathy I presume the best thing would be prayer. Your prayers for us in this time would be most appreciated.