Blind garage sales

Last weekend we had a garage sale. It’s one of those things you have to do once the garage has more furniture in it than your house does. I made a garage sale sign with huge arrows to mark the way. One on each side of the box. I asked my husband to go and put the box at the corner.

Sales were very slow at first. And people kept telling me they didn’t see my sign at the corner. I had my husband check to see if it was still there and he said it was. Sales went well enough that I sold all the biggest space hogs in the garage. But I still kept hearing that no one saw our sign.

Monday morning as I was driving to work I saw that our sign was there on the corner all right, but the arrow was pointing the wrong way! I have to blame myself because who can blame a blind man for putting the sign with the arrow facing the wrong way!?

At least the garage sale was still a success. Mostly.