People ask me several questions regularly. They are answered below.

1. How did you meet your husband?

I met my husband online at livejournal. He was a friend of one of my best friends. How she met him, I don’t know, but she knew him better than I did until after we were married.

2. Did you know ASL before you met your husband?

No. I didn’t even know he was deaf (or blind) until a few weeks before he was to come out to Houston to elope with me. I learned ASL mostly from the LDS Missionaries, interpreters and deaf member at the Fallbrook Deaf Branch (LDS) in Houston. I made very good, important and extremely loyal friends this way.

3. How did/do you communicate if he is blind AND deaf?

My husband has a cochlear implant ( or ci ). When we first met he used it a lot. When he couldn’t use it, we used supersized text on a computer. Until I became proficient at Asl we used mostly im ( instant messenger ) to communicate. My husband can speak, however, and too much one way communication forced us to come up with rules for conversing. We also use a lot of tactile signing. I sign in his hands and he ‘reads’ it. Since he voices and I can hear, he just replies to me verbally. It’s an interesting life with multiple forms of communication.

Feel free to send more questions for the FAQ page.

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