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Noelle was born in Los Angeles, CA, the oldest of five children to surveyor/author Ed and artist/dancer Bibi.  Her father’s work took her many places including Chicago, IL, Tucson, AZ, and various Southern California cities including the one she still refers to as “home”–Banning, CA.  She remembers her family being sealed together in the Mesa, Arizona temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Noelle confesses she was a ‘tomboy that loved pink frilly things,’ and claims to have always been ‘a good Mormon girl.’  She has 4 children from her first marriage and has lived in Banning, CA, Sandy, UT, Bloomington, TX and Katy, TX.  While in Bloomington, TX, she wrote for’s entertainment section covering various conventions and interviewing everyone from astronauts to actors.  The experience led to articles published on (before it became Syfy).  Noelle and her two youngest children moved to Houston, TX in 2006, establishing what felt like a permanent base in the nations 3rd largest city.

During this time she turned to fiction and was published in Houston Community College’s Northwest Review Magazine, helped MEISA (the music association for the campus) with promotions and brought home her AA in Communications.   At this time, Noelle kept in touch with friends through livejournal, one of the earlier blog sites, and that is where she met her second husband, Samuel Campbell III.

Sam is deafblind and it was necessary for Noelle to learn ASL (American Sign Language), which she did through immersion and her deaf friends (whom she loves dearly) in Fallbrook Deaf Branch in the LDS Church.  She now incorporates much of her knowledge of ASL, Deaf Culture and the many experiences she has had into her writing.

Sam and Noelle live in Houston with Erin and Josh (the youngest children from Noelle’s former marriage).  They are very active in their deaf branch. Sam calls Noelle his Queen of the Faye and Noelle calls Sam her Deafblind Knight in Shining Armor–AKA Sir Random Loud Noise.  Since their realm is so full of magic and Technology, Noelle’s fiction also seems to tend toward Fantasy and Science fiction.

While tending the Realm, Noelle has learned a lot of gardening magic.  She has turned this into an article on Provident Living/Container Gardening for Ensign Magazine in March 2011.  She has also taught the same lessons to the deaf community in Houston.

With her experience with, Noelle developed a deep interest in Mars and the idea of terraforming the red planet.  This interest is reflected in a series of short stories about Mars.  Experimenting with self publishing short stories about Mars exploration.

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