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More Hobbity Craftiness and Some Candid Conversations

We had a fire in the home while I was at work  in the last week of June that damaged part of our yard and the neighbors garage.  Through a series of very serious conversations (with firemen, doctors, insurance agents), some yelling, crying and much prayer, I came to the decision that if my job would not allow me to work from home (something I could and have done in the same position) that I would need to leave.  They agreed to give me family medical leave, as needed, (dealing with all the issues of Sam’s rapidly fading vision) but I would not be paid for it.  The complications at work, the stress and a promotion without a pay raise made it more difficult for me to deal with the stress at home.  If I had been given a large raise, I probably wouldn’t have come to the conclusion I did.  I quit my job on July 4th to stay home with my family, teach the children some serious ASL and learn Braille Grade 1 (hubby is learning Grade 2).

It felt like the right choice, but we had a lot of doubts of how we would make ends meet on nothing more than my husbands disability checks.  This was also something I prayed about and came to the conclusion that I needed to reopen my eBay store: Lonescrappers-Resale-Ranch and my etsty store: Swampfaye’s Etsy Store.  I made it clear to the kids (between teaching them ASL and ASL you need to use with deafblind people) that everyone would have to chip in doing something we could sell, or helping with the store.  My husband, of course, chipped in too and you’ve seen some of his creations:

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I think it’s great that he’s creating these beautiful objects and that we are all so very optimistic about being a ‘shop.’ Sam’s creations have been selling pretty well.  Well enough to pay for medication and doctors appointments, and right now, that is a big deal.

I still want to try and publish my novel (blurb/teaser) on ebook and get things together with the follow up, but the resale shop is taking priority.  I’m able to do more at home now, more repairs, more cooking, more baking, etc, which has been good, and I have my own office in the house so I still have a place to retreat.

We are still doing pretty well thanks to the support of the church, our friends, and our own efforts to support ourselves.  Compared to many around the world, and even in the deaf community we hang out in, we are still very rich.



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