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2 responses to “$!!! Vrs interpreters say

  1. This video was made in good humor by a coda. It was posted by a deaf friend. I made no comments on it.

  2. I think it is funny… and I’ve had interpreters who are like that… I showed it to my coworker, and one of the things he asked me about, got me thinking. He asked if there was a sense of entitlement among CODA’s, and that made me think of your blog, and some of the comments made by people who I think their videos are funny and amazing… but their words show something different. I do think CODA’s, at least some of them, especially the ones who were used as interpreters by their parents, feel entitled, as if they have a right to do whatever they would like and as if they are better at ASL than those who learned ASL later… and that certainly isn’t always the case. All of my favorite interpreters learned ASL later, two are parents to Deaf now adults, and some just fell in love with the language. Some of the worst interpreters I have had have been CODAs…

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