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This is why I never lack for short story ideas…

Him: Well, I’m ready. I’m gonna go and show off my sexy new hairstyle. 😛
Me: ok, remember that your wife loves you as you fend off all the girls throwing themselves at you
Him: I will. It will be difficult, but I will be true. 😀
Him: Teasing. Nobody pays any attention to me outside of class.
Him: I’m not really one of them. I might as well wear a sign that says NOT A NARC

Me: lol
Him: 21 Jump The Shark Street
Me: i doubt anyone thinks the blind man is the narc…
Him: heh 🙂
Me: but it would make a hilarious story
Him: yeah

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This blog is about my life and how I see things. I write, I think, I dream, I do. I used to write a lot of fantasy until I realized I was living one. I was married to a deaf-blind Hobbit in a realm we created together. He passed away in 2014, but our life was interesting enough I think you might like it too.

4 responses to “This is why I never lack for short story ideas…

  1. Actually…. although it would be hell to do, it could be done. I know a guy who is legally blind and wears glasses that make his eyes look like moons in his face, plus one lens sports an embedded jeweler’s lens. IF you could come up with something so that the jeweler’s lens is really telescopic and there are contact lenses that will counteract apparent distortions of the lenses on the face, and color the glass lenses a bit so they don’t show the eyes real well (make him “sensitive to light”) then he could be a GREAT narc. No one would suspect he could see a thing and would have their guard down around him. And the CI he “wears” could be outfitted with a micro-mineature recording device – talk about being “wired” and have no one suspect.

    What is Hobbit’s new hair style? Does he look like Harry Dresden? 🙂

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