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Not All Spanish Speakers Understand ASL

The big problem I now have with Spanish is that I’m so used to hearing it along with ASL (because our deaf friends from the LDS Deaf Branch we attend are mostly Mexican and speak Spanish while signing in ASL) that when I try to explain myself to someone who speaks Spanish (primarily) I end up signing to them as if they also understand ASL, so they’ll understand me better.

I did it again today.  The tree guy came to give us an estimate on our trimming.  And as I was trying to explain our other needs and wants, he gave me the ‘look’ that says “I’m not quite understanding you.”  So what did I do? I started signing.

It only took me a moment (and his odd look at me) to realize what I was doing, and speak what little Spanish I can remember (I grew up around Spanish speakers in my extended family) to clarify.  It’s such a habit now, I find myself doing it all the time, without even realizing it.


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2 responses to “Not All Spanish Speakers Understand ASL

  1. I find it very odd that Spanish speakers in your church use ASL while speaking Spanish. Are you sure they’re not using LSL (Latino Sign Language)? This is the sign language used by Hispanics. Nonetheless i now tend to sign around almost anyone,

    • No, they are using ASL, I have seen them use MSL when their family visits, interpreting the ASL to MSL for their deaf relatives/friends from Mexico. But yes, they speak Spanish because they are from Mexico, but they learned ASL because they are in America.

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