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Beta Reading

I am writing a novel. It is a fantasy/urban novel and it involves deaf/hard of hearing people in the main characters. I was wondering if any of my hearing impaired friends would like to beta read for accuracy/feedback? Right now I’m mostly using my husband as my truth standard, and it’s hard to use hearing people because they keep telling me to be careful and not use stereotypes, and it’s not politically correct to do this or that. So I thought it would be better just to get more input from hearing impaired. Anyone interested can email me their email address to be sent the work in progress at swampfaye at yahoo dot com, or reply below. I appreciate the help!

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This blog is about my life and how I see things. I write, I think, I dream, I do. I used to write a lot of fantasy until I realized I was living one. I was married to a deaf-blind Hobbit in a realm we created together. He passed away in 2014, but our life was interesting enough I think you might like it too.

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  1. would love to for you! emailing you now.

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