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Where is the Hollywood Fundraiser?

I’m having a hard time understanding why the press isn’t making a big deal about Sandy like they did for Katrina. Every day after Katrina I saw horrible pictures and the looters in the flood zones (this is specifically why everyone in Houston panicked about Rita later that year), but they don’t seem to be reporting NJ looting and stuff all that much. I am hearing about looters from bloggers posting from their phones because they still don’t have electricity. I heard there were people stranded on Staten Island from a commentator on an internet show whose parents were still there. I wouldn’t have know that and I listen to the news all the time at work every day.

Why is this happening? Is it the proximity to the election? Is it the news coverage or is it that Hollywood isn’t making it a big deal? Or maybe it’s like some ‘Jersey Shore’ effect?–Our reaction to the reality show.

My opinion is torn. I think maybe its because the majority of the charity came from the heartland for Katrina, because they felt New Orleans was ‘one of us’ but New Jersey or New York. They are not one of us. I am not sure, but I think it’s because easterners are always making fun of the south and the heartland. But that doesn’t explain why Hollywood isn’t supporting them, or the rest of the East Coast isn’t supporting them. That is curious to me.

By the weeks end, the Red Cross had raised over a billion dollars for Katrina and ended up with 4 billion in private charitable contributions (this doesn’t include what survivors got from FEMA or the city of Houston/Dallas/San Antonio/Austin in special benefits, etc). New Jersey is at about 11 million.

The Hobbit and I will be donating through our church, because it seems clear the Red Cross is having some problems of their own (probably with the bureaucrazy) in the East. But I’m still interested what you think is causing this, even if you have donated.

Edited to add: I found a telethon on E! (online) for Sandy victims. You might want to support them, even though they make you listen to crappy music by P!nk.

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