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ASL in the Internet Age

My husband and I had chatted with one another long before I learned ASL. Our primary communication was in text and as such, we used a lot of net speak. LOL IMO TTYL Those abbreviations made their way into our conversations once we transitioned into ASL. Most of our deaf friends are just as savvy when it comes to net speak. Their primary mode of communication with the hearing is not a pencil and pad, but a cell phone text message (or message screen).

If I sign “brb” my deaf friends know exactly what I mean. Some of interpreters are a little kerfluffled by it but language always changes and evolves no matter how hard people try to keep it static. Every Language has been influenced by inside and from outside. How else could ‘macho’ become a Russian slang word? There’s no telling what will influence such a rapidly evolving language like ASL but the Internet is sure to be part of it.

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