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Is Any Juan Out There?

Our landlords name is Juan. He has his own namesign, of course, assigned by my husband with a little help from me (though you aren’t supposed to let hearing people give namesigns= see my post on Deaf Culture) that is a ‘j’ then a one sign. J’one’. He told us today that he was sending over the pool man. I met the pool man and told my husband his name: Juan. My husband then comments: “Oh, I didn’t recognize you… wait. You’re another Juan.”

Yes, he is another Juan.

Our landlord has a strange affinity for people with his name. The plumber he sent over was named Juan and so was the electrician. This strange affliction is so common that we just joke with each other that our landlord will be sending some Juan over. Some of them even speak English. None of them, however, speaks ASL.

It can be a little confusing for a deaf-blind man to be told “Some Juan will be coming over to fix…” because he literally doesn’t know who to expect and would probably let almost any Juan in the door.

Is any Juan out there that interprets?

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