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Number One Reason I Bring A Phone With Me Everywhere… Even at Home

I carry my phone with me at home for two main reasons:

1) I don’t like being locked out of my bedroom until my husband notices me missing so I carry my phone with me do I can text or email him that I am NOT in the bedroom and would like to enter. –funny side story, sometimes I can get his attention with pounding on the wall or window but I did this once an accidentally broke the window, cut my hand and still didn’t get his attention. I had forgotten my phone inside–

2) I need the flashlight app for when my husband turns off the light in the bathroom and closes the door while I am on the toilet. –of course, there have been lots of times I have been taking a shower (a place that phones are not allowed) and hubby has turned out the light on me. There is no solution to that particular predicament that I know of —

Dear God, thank you for texts and email and apps. Amen

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  1. LOLOLOL I have my phone with me all the time and I’m the HOH one. I have had my roomie call me to tell me I’ve locked her out, etc. However, I think I’d notice if someone was in the shower or on the toilet in the same bathroom with me.

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